— Superior soccer ball constructions in 3D technology

Novelty Soccer Ball Constructions are Sales Rockets

Nothing gets more visual attention during a sales talk than phenomenal 3D soccer ball constructions in design quality ready for serial production.

To achieve superior soccer ball constructions we use a masterclass 3D engineering system.

Preparing 2D soccer ball design for 3D prototypes

Soccerballs As They Really Are

See your soccer ball designs in 3D optic. We engineer 3D soccer ball prototypes according to your 2D soccer ball panels. With superior 3D soccer ball constructions, we are able to control whole aesthetics and can correct design mistakes without sampling any physical soccer balls.

Absolute Realistic Materials & Textures

We apply desired soccer ball surface textures with realistic material properties to soccer ball constructions. In the animation above, we are demonstrating four different surface haptics for realistic 3D soccer balls.

All relevant specifications an 3D soccer ball prototypes

Completed Through Labels & Specifications

Sales-boosting 3D soccer balls need all relevant information for consumers. We make each soccer ball construction complete by applying inflation instructions, sizes, model names and EAN Codes.

Be Lucrative Through 3D Engineered Soccer Balls

Superior soccer ball constructions drastically reduce stress in development processes. Start pre-order selling soccer balls with high resolution detailed 3D product photos. Use these images for all POS sports marketing – monitors, catalogues, for social media channels etc.


Extremely shortened development processes


Up to 75 % reduction of physical sampling costs


Reducing up to 90 % of photo shoot costs


Less waste of resources


Fast decision making through superior 3D soccer ball constructions


Increase in sales through virtual soccer ball collections


Fully exploit buyer potential through endless color options


Hi-res 3D photos are perfect for POS marketing

SPECIAL SERVICE : Order high tech Soccer balls from fair production with your own design – starting MOQ 250 Pieces :

High level soccer balls in all qualities ( FIFAIMS FairtradeiMAC ), sizes and weights:

  • thermo bonded
  • machine stitched
  • hybrid technology
  • hand stitched