— New 3D virtual prototypes for POS marketing

New Virtual Prototypes For Future POS Marketing Solutions

Virtual prototypes are the new secret stars of exciting future sportswear POS marketing. Consumers are hungry for amazing stories. As brand, you know that and you must constantly look for new and magical POS marketing solutions. Virtual prototypes are the future. They have the potential to trigger feelings in the consumer and evoke buying impulses.

We create authentic short animations and 360° views and 3D virtual prototype photos – immediately usable at the POS, on social media channels, online shops and catalogues.

Reach all fashion enthusiasts.

Do You Want To Arouse Emotions?

Show your sportswear in a different way – future-oriented and impressive. Virtual prototypes are ideal for visual animations at the POS. We can create abstract and real visions and thus reach your target group excellently. You determine the length of the animations and the video output format.

Optimally And Clearly Presented On POS

In a nutshell – 360° views perfectly complement the product presentation at the POS. With the invisible carousel display, a virtual sports product-prototype can be optimally displayed in different colors. It is easy to understand as it offers 360° views to the consumer. Customers immediately see cuts and details that would otherwise remain invisible. This creates additional buying impulses.

Do You Want To Show Everything At Once?

No problem for catalogues – virtual prototypes of 3D sportswear, 3D athleisure, 3D soccer balls and future fashion are flawless representatives. Enlarge your portfolio with model and color variations. The very realistic 3D photos are great for modern digital magazines and print catalogues.

Be Individually, Surprisingly And High Quality To End Consumers

Customers thirst for brands that look authentic, trigger emotions and have something to say.


Increase future POS marketing with virtual prototypes


Enormous reduction of POS advertising costs through virtual prototypes


Animations complete your POS marketing


Added value through optimal and attracting POS advertising


Ideal for digital signage, monitors, video walls and catalogues


Sharable via Social Media Channels

Send out a strong signal in trends – we have a spotlight on it. Need inspiration ?

Awareness is mostly correlated with aspects such as high quality, trust, reliability, closeness to your target group, a good quality / price ratio, accessibility and recognition factor.

In fact, brand awareness is a collective phenomenon.