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Satisfy through Products on Demand

Sportswear is moving away from a uniform look. Customers want very individual products because of different needs. A mass customization is optimal to fulfill such demands. It combines customer-specific sports products with the monetary advantages of mass production.

Our mass customization software combines these two opposites of serial mass production with perfectly calculable costs and customized sports products on demand.

Use this phenomenal innovation to reach an unbeatable USP! The key is: automated processes of our system lead each customization direct to production. Synchronously running high-tech supports production-ready data for each garment size. Costly reworks of customizations are not necessary anymore!

We support your online business for mass customization with a unique SaaS software solution. Suitable for all common platforms: Shopify . WooCommerce . BigCommerce . Nop-Commerce . Magento. Our software is flexible, scalable and runs on a stable cloud-based SaaS platform. We provide this software as a service for a monthly fee.

According to your requirements, we setup the mass customization software with 3D prototypes. Profit from limitless customizable sportswear collections. Each configuration step is in real-time and models are turnable in 360°.

Learn more about the high values of mass customization for brands, manufacturers and consumers.

Mass Customizations on the Fly

Our dynamic mass customization software is able to transfer custom designs quickly and efficiently per one click to different models. Example “Kit”: corresponding jerseys (long sleeves, short sleeves, v-neck, crew neck) to matching shorts & socks.

Offering trend colors & latest printing effects for custom sportswear

Trendy Colors & Effects in Real-Time

Offer your customers a great shopping experience for easily creating amazing sportswear and club uniforms. See your seasonal colors and print effects, gradients and trendy accents in real-time and 360° views.

Offering end consumers a secure logos and sponsors upload option

Mass Customization on Demand

Pre-define with us the modular elements for each configuration step and the associated sales prices. Offer secure 1:1 uploads of logos & sponsors through the Logo-Proof-Mode (LPM) – with exact dimensions, colors and positions, names & numbers in your desired fonts.

Production-ready files per One-click

Store all mass customizations in secure locker rooms – perfect for easy redesign and reordering. After customer confirmations, production-ready data are generated automatically and lead direct to production – no further processing is required!

Enjoy one-click-generation of production-ready files per size and each customization!

+ High Values for Brands

Sell products on demand in the future – unstoppable and without exchanges. And achieve ROI faster than ever before!


Latest mass customization software - focus customer centricity


Easy to use mass customization software


Unstoppable sales 24 hours / 7 days a week


Unbeatable USP is guaranteed


Products on request regardless of stock


Automated customer loyalty through satisfaction


Decrease of uncertainty factor for all involved


Turnkey integration into common e-commerce platforms

+ High Values for Manufacturers

Keep on-demand productions under the possible control, as mass customizations are lead directly to manufacturers, with precise data sheets as instructions.


Comfortable workflow between brand, factory & customers


Fast deliveries to customers


No further design processing is required to start producing


Precise technical production data per customization & size


Reduction of production errors & material consumption


Production-ready files dramatically reduce production time


Best productivity & efficiency through cost savings

+ High Values for Consumers

Customers will love you for the user-friendly mass customization software. Active experience designs create positive success stories and unique shopping experiences.


Easy-to-use mass customization software


Happy customers through unlimited customization options


Active design processes generate enthusiasm


Product experiences in real-time and 360° views


Desire satisfaction through desired sports products


Quote-to-cash process with live prices & quantity scales


Risk-free buying decisions through transparency


Convenient redesign / reorder via storage in locker rooms


Style-sharing via social media channels

Can`t believe ? Check out the power of the 3d sportswear creator – that`s the place where miracles happen !

This way, you can ensure that you deliver exactly the products that are wanted.

Be on the right track – socially, sustainably and eco-friendly with our mass customization software.


Demo: mass customization software

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Duration: 30 – 45 minutes (for key decision-makers only)

The online demonstration will give you an deep insight into the mass customization software, as an end-to-end solution for sports products on demand.

Learn about the key benefits:

  • Extremely easy-to-use
  • Very flexibile functionality – fit to all individual sports and team sports
  • Unlimited design and configuration options: brand relevant custom models . variants . material specs . colors . logos . sponsors . fonts . names & numbers
  • One-click-generation of production-ready files per size and single customization
  • Save up to 90 % of pre-production costs and go from design to manufacturing in as little as 1 hour