— Highly effective 3D digital prototyping

Genial Digital Prototyping Reduces Sampling Costs

The genial digital prototyping solution reduces pre-production sampling costs by up to 50 % and improves the product qualities. Profit from drastically shortened lead times.

Please note that we are demonstrating the digital prototyping process using team clothing. We can run this technology for any type of sportswear, athleisure and future fashion.

— Digital prototyping process from idea to 3D prototype

Scribble idea of a sportive jacket

Digital Prototyping from Idea to Manufacturing

We support you in the entire sportswear design process. Accelerating your developments from scribble to final sportswear. According to your ideas or 2D cut patterns, we create genial 3D sample prototypes ready for industrial manufacturing.

A flat 2D digital pattern

Recreating 2D into Digital

We recreate two-dimensional (2D) garment cut patterns into digital ones. Preparing well for later modifying and size-gradings.

Digital prototyping of a sportswear jacket

First 3D Prototype – Ready for Easy Validation

Streamline decision making within your team and manufacturers. Alternations and modifications to the 3D prototype can be carried out quickly by us – ready for easy validation.

From the evaluation of variants before production to the POS

Ready for Successful Evaluations of Model Variants

Present genial visual 3D prototypes also to external decision makers, potential customers, buyers and vendors at very early stages. Choose from limitless variants and color ways without any physical samples. This dramatically reduces time and manufacturing costs.

Digital prototyping solution - service 3D fabrics

Applying Realistic Fabrics Onto 3D Prototype

We digitize all bespoken fabrics and apply the specification qualities onto the digital prototypes. This guarantees photorealistic 3D sportswear that can be used immediately for contemporary POS marketing.

Digital prototyping solution - detailed pre-production prototype of a track jacket

Perfection Through Realistic Stitches, Labels & Trims

We emphasize the perfect appearance of 3D sportswear through realistic details and finishings, various printing optics, embroideries and more.

Receive Maximum Productivity And Efficiency

We optimize the value chain for creation of sportswear by digitally checking all styles for sources of error. Digital prototyping leads to best results before the start of sampling and final production.


Instant savings on sampling costs, materials & shipping


Extremely shortened dev.-processes 3-4 weeks vs. 3-4 months


Less physical sampling cycles, 1-2 instead of 3-6 cycles


Reduction of number of physical color samples


No waste of resources


Smooth interactions using digital prototyping


Optimized collections through endless variants & colors


Quick decisions through easy modifications & validations


Profitable sale of target collections to vendors


Best time to market

Profit from the enormous potential of industry 4.0 and be prepared with us !

Industry 4.0 means that digital technologies are also radically changing the way sports products are developed and produced.

With you, we hoop up your product developments to the next level. Digital prototyping produces faster, more consistent and environmentally friendly.