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The Story Behind nizeshot

by Mart Stanzl

The brand name: „nizeshot“ is a word creation playing with „nice shot“.

Two sports-crazy guys – me / number 10 and my best friend Josh / number 9 started the vision „nizeshot“ on a train journey to Cologne. Mission: Revive boring football clothing with style factors and a personal sense of humor. Do you remember the legendary Heavy Single Jerseys – adorned with crests of fictional clubs?

With solid German precision craftsmanship, we have earned a reputation for excellence. All collections were made with love in our own garment factory in Chemnitz. We even established the Ministry of Football. The much-hyped looks brought us international brands, and sports clubs wanted to have unique designed models out of our forge …

We started to develop urban and functional sporting goods for international sports brands in the solid technical standard of Industry 3.0. Our service disciplines for the sports industry became a complete program: brand DNA, product design, product development and production management.

The constant urge to improve and optimize development processes has always inspired us to achieve top performance. Today we draw from the pot of Industry 4.0. The circle closes for nizeshot: Future – Sports – Products.

About me | Founder of nizeshot

I am a designer and have studied sports and economics.

  • 1993 ECOLOGY & FASHION Leading an own fashion label “Écru natural wear by ConStanzl” for women and men. At that time, we were pioneers in fashionable natural clothing. We succeeded to combine ecology and fashion in a market-leading manner. Hess Natur, Weleda and others ordered the inspiring collections – also presented on international fairs like BioFach, CPD, IGEDO. In-house grading of paper patterns with contract processing in Germany, Poland and Slovenia.
  • 2001 URBAN SPORTS nizeshot is born
  • 2007 TEAM SPORTS INDUSTRY 3.0 Design, technical developments of complete team sports and sports equipment collections for various international sports brands.
  • July 2020 nizeshot lab | future sports products In the nizeshot lab, the circle of experience in eco-fashion and classic product development with digital technology 4.0 closes. Innovative process solutions in combination with circular materials – recycled and natural / eco fabrics – make it possible to create sports products & fashion of tomorrow. Look forward to an exciting future sports with nizeshot v.a.l.u.e.s !

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Fernsehen | Landesschau Fußball-WM 2006

” Always deliver more than expected . ”


by Larry Page – Co-founder of Google.

We share this statement – it is a fundamental principle of the way we work.