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The whole sporting world is turning into a new world. Digitization and individualization are set and guide us in a new way to create sustainable future sports products with value. We offer 4 future-oriented expert solutions for a successful sports business:

1 – We support you holistically in your product developments for future-proof sports collections. A resource-saving design process solution is digital prototyping. Here we shorten all product development cycles by up to 50 %.

2 – We put your virtual prototypes of 3D sportswear, 3D athleisure and 3D soccer balls in the limelight. Surprise your audience at the POS with market-ready animations and 360° views.

3 – We strengthen you in the mass customization business with a stable SaaS platform. A self driving software solution that we integrate into your online shop. Models created by customers are lead directly to production with one click. The key factor is data are immediately production ready. There is no need for additional reworks on customer specific models.

4 – We design future fashion with or for you. The use of organic / recycled fabrics and novel recyclable materials as well as eco-colors are a matter of course. Our creative service ranges from design graphics to ready-to-wear.

Future Sports Meets Product Design 4.0

When talking about the revolution for future sports products, digital technologies are the parameters that define design.  

The boundaries between real and virtual products are blurring. Take a close look at our latest projects.


— About Us

A Future Thinking Lab

nizeshot is a mindset. It is about developing future sports products for a questioning and critical generation. Driven by our passion for sports, our instinct and curiosity for trends.

We create progressive future-proof sportswear and team sports equipment that brands can use to reach both the mind and the heart of consumers.

Our team shares the same mission: a respectful life – changing things together for a sustainable future – taking care of our planet, people, nature and animals. This is not just a requirement for us, but a pillar of our way of thinking.


Future sports products & new design process solutions

Enormous Certainty through Virtual Prototypes

3D team wear | digital prototyping service

Go to Market Faster at Reduced Costs

Collection developments are usually very time-consuming and costly. With our support through digital prototyping, this is no longer the case. Go to market faster, cheaper and with less stress.

Creation of sportswear POS marketing video with virtual prototype

From Virtual to Sportswear POS Marketing

Without any photographed samples! The accuracy of virtual 3D sportswear lets us generate high-resolution 3D photos, which you can use instantly for catalogues and POS marketing.

Superior 3D Soccer Balls Eliminate Any Physical Samples

We construct three-dimensional (3D) soccer ball prototypes: match balls, training balls, futsal balls and beach soccer balls in various weights and sizes. We make designs experienceable on classic 32 panel constructions and other innovative panel concepts.


Future sports products & latest customization process solution

Trendy Mass Customization means Individuality & Flexibility

Mass Customization Solution - Sportswear Creator - SaaS platform

Customizations Lead Direct to Productions

Sell sports products on demand and get happy customers – sportswear that people really want! Be ready in mass customization business and use our latest sensational mass customization software (SaaS). Score points with the end consumer through self-explanatory customization journeys and real-time actions in 360° views. Customizations will lead directly to productions in less than 5 minutes and nobody in between is necessary to start manufacturing.


The new eco is recycling

Do Eco Fashion and High Fashion Compete ?

Eco-Colored Design Graphics on Recycled Polyester

We create design graphics with a focus on sports. Sublimation printing technology is suitable for sustainable T-shirts. In combination with recycled polyester, we achieve the most future-proof results.

Future Materials for Modern Jacket Silhouettes

These jackets represent innovative genderless styles for modern urbanists. All sporty details focus on modern silhouettes, future materials, certified fabrics and new trim innovations. In cooperation with our collab-partner we realize extraordinary apparel from idea to design and produce to deliver – also for your brand.

— Portfolio

Our Latest Works

A Future Sports Project | 3D Beach Soccer Balls

Task: Creating a new beach soccer ball design for a Beach Soccer Cup in Portugal  | Client: discreet

A Future Sports Project | Sustainable Performance Jacket

Task: Designing a sustainable performance jacket for a swedish fashion brand. An eco-polyester fabric for a relaxed-fit jacket – breathable and lightweight. The lining dries four times as fast as cotton and incorporates an odor eliminating innovation.  | Client: discreet

A Future Sports Project | Virtual 3D Team Wear Collection

Task: 3D virtual setup and modification of custom 2D patterns for a new team wear collection. Implementation of custom material specs, design and team colorways. Preparation of Technical Data Sheets on basis of 1 : 1 patterns.  | Client: discreet

We never share clients`data with third parties. It is important to us to build a strong long-term business relationship to the benefit of all parties.

— Clients

We Love To Work Discreetly With Our Valued Clients From Sports & Fashion & Culture .

” I have set myself the task of constantly redefining sports & design and creating unique future sports products with my team – with courage and imagination to transform visions into future-proof solutions. ”